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The Government of Bangladesh administers the largest social safety net program known as the “Vulnerable Group Development (VGD),” which specifically targets households living in extreme poverty. This program extends its reach to approximately 750,000 individuals directly across the country. Participating ultra-poor households receive a monthly food ration for their entire family and are provided with a range of development support services. These services include training in life skills and income-generating skills, access to savings facilities, and credit opportunities. The VGD program operates in 482 Upazilas and supports households for a designated cycle.

During the fiscal year 2018-2019, Polli Bangla, with the financial backing of the Ministry of Women & Children Affairs, Government of Bangladesh, successfully covered 2,300 beneficiaries across 92 groups in Duhar Upazila, situated in the Dhaka district.


Polli Bangla played a vital role in facilitating the effective distribution of 30 kilograms of rice per month among 2,300 families belonging to VGD members in Dohar Upazila, located in the Dhaka district. Furthermore, Polli Bangla successfully accumulated savings totaling Tk. 4,037,144 from these 2,300 VGD members. Additionally, Polli Bangla provided comprehensive training in IGAs and life skills development to enhance the capacity and income potential of the VGD members and their households.


The primary objective of the Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) program in Bangladesh is to bring about sustainable and positive changes in the socio-economic status of vulnerable women. The program aims to empower these women to uplift themselves from the challenges of food insecurity and malnutrition, enabling them to transition from destitution to a recognized and respected social standing.

VGD focuses on targeting ultra-poor rural women and providing them with essential support in the form of complementary inputs. These inputs are designed to improve their nutritional well-being and enhance their livelihoods, ultimately fostering self-reliance among the participants. Through this holistic approach, the VGD program strives to create lasting impact and enable these vulnerable women to overcome their socio-economic constraints, leading to a more prosperous and dignified life.


The VGD program focuses on addressing the vulnerability of impoverished individuals through the adoption of sustainable livelihood practices. To effectively fulfill the project’s goals and objectives, several activities were undertaken in the previous year:

  1. Vulnerable Group Formation: Formation of groups comprising vulnerable individuals to facilitate mutual support and cooperation.

  2. Issue-Based Awareness Raising/Campaign: Organizing campaigns and awareness programs on specific issues relevant to the target population, aiming to enhance knowledge and promote positive change.

  3. Skill Development Training on IGAs: Offering training programs focused on Income-Generating Activities (IGAs) to develop participants’ skills and improve their income-earning potential.

  4. Training on Sustainable Livelihood Approach: Providing training on sustainable livelihood approaches, equipping individuals with knowledge and strategies to improve their long-term socio-economic well-being.

These activities collectively contribute to the overall objective of the VGD program, which is to uplift the livelihoods of the vulnerable population and empower them to overcome poverty through sustainable means.

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