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Vision Mission Values


The poor and underprivileged people are poor and underprivileged because they have consecutively been exploited by the rich. They will work for the betterment of their life. The organization will just play the role of a catalyst.


Bangladesh is a village based country inhabited by the poor class people of whom 60% are underprivileged. They sell their labor to the rich. They are not conscious of even aware of their rights on the society. They are deprived of productive resources. This difference between the poor and the rich is geometrically increasing. If these people are provided with various skill development training, It is expected that they themselves could bring about desired changes in their quality of living.


  • Gender based unity and equality.
  • Proper utilization of local resources.
  • Participation and ownership.
  • Respect, belief and trust in community wisdom.
  • Reaching the poor and ultra poor as per priority list of the community.
  • Community based demand driven development approach.
  • Access of women, adolescent, children, disable, aged people and youth in development activities.
  • Transparency, trustworthy  and accountability.
  • Good governance and right based policy.
  • Self reliant and sustainable institution of the poor people.
  • Social justice, peace and prosperity.
  • Practice of democracy at all spheres of life.
  • Bottom up strategic local level planning through participatory approach.
  • Community based leadership development.
  • Collaborative, effective coordination and build productive partnership.

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