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Human Resource Development Policy - Polli Bangla

Human Resource Development Policy


  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Recruitment and Selection Procedure
  4. Personal Records of Officers and Staffs
  5. Staff Training and Development
  6. Training/ Orientation
  7. Training on need based
  8. Participation in Seminar/Workshop
  9. Annual Increment
  10. Promotion
  11. Employees as Representation of PBUSS
  12. Professionalism
  13. Value-based Behavior
  14. Efficiency Review
  15. Working Report/Work Evaluation
  16. Process for Performance Review
  17. Job Performance Evaluating Authority
  18. Working Conditions
  19. Identity Cards
  20. Office Keys
  21. se and Security of DPIS Properties and assets
  22. Communication
  23. Telephone, Fax and ID-mail vise
  24. Photocopier use
  25. Outgoing arid Incoming mail
  26. Articles

  1. Introduction

Effective Human Resources Development Policy of an j organization requires, among other things, that there be a team of officers  and  staffs well   conversant  with   the goals, objectives,  strategic, implementation procedures  as well as working   mechanism including  formal  organizational   structure  right  from lowest Layer of the Organizational Pyramid to the highest in the  echelon. Development of team-sprit   and commitment to   the Organizational goal on the part of all categories of personnel working in Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha is a precondition for success of the program. Alongside, each cadre of officers & staffs must know his/her Job duties and responsibilities as well as must have the necessary skill to perform his/her function.

  1. Objective
  2. To recruit qualitative personnel.
  3. To develop the skill of the personnel through need base training.
  4. To inform the official message at all level.
  5. To help the management in regarding human resurface development.
  1. Recruitment and Selection procedures

In regarding recruitment- and selection of officers and staffs, necessary steps will be taken as mentioned in the Administrative policy (page – 02). Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha seeks to promote gender balance at all level within the Organization, Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha  recognizes that the socio-cultural environment often places woman at a disadvantage and will endeavourer to ensure that woman are considered for all new positions or opportunities for promotion.

  1. Personal records of Officers and Staffs

The following documents are necessary to maintain the personal records of officer and staff i.e.

  • Personal file;

  • Bio-data (at the time of joining);
  • Recent photographs- 02 (Two) copy;
  • Character certificate (attested photocopy);
  • Nationality certificate (attested photocopy);
  • Educational certificate (attested photocopy);
  • Educational certificate;
  • Management Decision (During Service period)
  1. Promotion letter;
  2. Demotion letter;

iii. Show cause notice;

  1. Leave matters;
  2. Training certificates;
  3. Guarantor’s letter;

vii. ETC.

  • Identity Number (for all officer and staff)
  • Identity Card signed by the Executive (director (for all officer and staff)
  • Data base records for all officer ad staff i.e., Bio-data, service records (at central office)
  1. Staff Training and Development

The management of Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha will initiate step for development of its organization. The management can arrange training internally or send the employees to other training centers for staff development.

  1. Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha seeks to support the professional development of staff in areas c considered relevant to the employee’s roles and responsibilities within the organization. :
  2. Staff is expected to take full advantage of the capacity building opportunities provided by consultants that arc contracted to work with Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha staff and partner NGO’s.
  • Requests to attend external course must be submitted to the employee’s supervisor for review and approved by the executive director prior to registering for the course.
  1. If there is a high investment in a particular staff training or duration of the training is more than 2 (two) months DPIS reserve the right to executive an agreement for next 3 (three) years after completing the training.
  2. If the concerned staff wants to leave the organization within this time period, lie/she would be expected to pay back the cost of the training.
  1. Training/orientation
  2. After appointment the employee could be arranged necessary training. This may be orientation/informal training.
  3. Training on duties & responsibilities (active): The employee will be providing training on his/her job responsibilities on different duration.
  • This training can be provided by the organization itself or by other organization.
  1. Training on need based

This training will be provided to the employees when the organization will start a new project or new component. The staff will be acquainted with the activities, goals objective and working strategies.

  1. Particular in seminar/workshop

The organization will select particular for attending in the workshop/seminar organization by different organizations. In that case the executive Director, the president of executive committee will decide it. Rut in the case of staff, the executive Director will decide it.

  1. Annual Increment

The following condition will he applicable increment satisfactory performance of the respective job based on annual performance appraisal. However, on special allowance Executive Director may approve more than one increment depending on the extra-ordinary performance of the officers/staff and recommended by his/her supervisor.

  • Increment will be added with the basic salary.
  • The increment will be provided as per designation.
  1. Promotion
    • An employee is eligible for consideration of promotion to the next higher position on completion of a minimum of three years satisfactory services in the existing position, and if found suitable for promotion subject to the availability of position and performance evaluation.
    • All promotion shall be made on the basis of merit. Due Consideration will however, be given to seniority though seniority may not work as the only criteria.
    • On promotion the employee will get a new job description and a revised salary.
  1. Employees as Representatives of Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha
  • All Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha staff is required to maintain a clean and neat appearance at all times and to behaved in ways that bring credit to the organization.
  • Staff may not make any public statements on behalf of Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha without prior authorization from the Executive Director.
  • In a professional public context, stalls are required to give Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha position and not their personal opinion.
  1. Professionalism

With other Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha  staff: Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha staff arc employed as members of a team. In order to achieve the mission of the organization all staff must work together effectively and are expected to demonstrate mutual respect and co-operation with their fellow team members. Personal differences should not be allowed to interfere with the implementation of work.

With NGO Partners: Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha is seeking to assist its NGO partners in implementing Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha needs good cooperation with each of its partners in order to achieve its own goals Management and staff of partner organization should always be treated with respect. Assistance should be provided in a true sprit of partnership with the goal of advising and learning, while not being overly directives.

  1. Value-based Behavior:

Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha’s overall philosophy and approach to addressing the hardcore poor, respect for people at all levels of society, protecting the rights of women, and empowering the people for their tights in the society. If staff does not adhere to these principles in their daily lives this will reflect on the whole organization and outsiders .truly rightly question the institutional integrity of Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha. It is therefore exacted that all staff will reflect these principles in both their professional and personal lives.

  1. Efficiency Review
    1. In other to clear idea on intelligence, capacity, leadership, strategy, standard of work, duties and responsibilities of every staff, the staff will be evaluated though prescribed format of the organization.
    2. The evaluation form of every staff shall have to be collected from MR section/Executive Director before ending the financial year. Fill it properly as per instruction. The human resource Dept./Executive Director will monitor the formal filling process.
  • In special cases, as per recommendation of the Head of Human Resource Dept./Executive Director any employee’s interim evaluation can be conducted at any time.
  1. Working report/Work evaluation
  1. The work evaluation of all project/dept. Will be evaluated and prepare annual report. The format will be countersigned by the Executive Director.
  2. If any employee’s evaluation indicates non-feasance or somewhat flaw, in that case the said employee would be communicated in writing and be advised to rectify flaw or drawback.
  • The employee will be awarded increment or promotion based on his/her annual evaluation.
  1. If any employee’s efficiency found below average than the average rating, then hc/She Would be considered in different way.
  2. The Executive Director will determine the increment, if the evaluation is found” satisfactory.
  1. Process for Performance Review

For evaluating the job performance of the employees, the employees of the organization have been classified into 2 classes.

  1. Employees Up to Grade- senior management would be evaluated through ACR.
  2. Employees from Grade- Mid level and Entry level would be evaluated through evaluation form i.e. the APR.
  1. Job performance evaluation authority

Annual Confidential Report (ACR) will done by the immediate supervisor APR will be prepared by 3 (three) selected staff nominated by (he management.

  1. Working Conditions
  2. Safety

Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha will provide a conducive-working environment free from recognized health and safety hazards. To assist implement this, members of staff are required to:

Immediately report any noted unsafe conditions to the Admin Officer. Observe and adhere to organization safety rules and common safety practices. Line Managers should assist their colleagues in observing these practices.

Report all injuries immediately to the Office manager/Support Officer/Admin. Assistant and Admin. Officer or in their absence to the Executive Director.

iii. Smoking and Drug Free Workplace

Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha will ensure, to the best of the organization’s ability, that staff will work in a smoking and drug-free environment. Employees found Unlawfully manufacturing, distributing, dispensing or in possession of illegal drugs (controlled substances as listed by the Department of Narcotics) will be subject to severe disciplinary action resulting in dismissal.

  1. Identity Cards
  2. Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha will provide the Identification Cards to all staff; staff should always carry their ID Cards when in official business.
  3. Loss of the ID card must be reported immediately to the Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha management.
  • On leaving employment, the Card must be returned to Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha during payment of final salary.
  1. Office Keys
  1. Each member of Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha staff is responsible for ensuring the sale keeping of any office keys issued to them.
  2. All office   keys   must  be  returned  to   Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha upon   leaving employment with Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha.
  1. Use and Security of Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha Properly and Assets
  2. Bach- employee is responsible for ensuring that Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha property and assets entrusted to her or him are properly used and safeguarded.
  3. Only authorized and qualified Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha employees and consultants may use Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha equipment or vehicles unless otherwise approved by the Executive Director.
  • All staff is responsible for making sure that equipment, vehicles and other valuables are properly secured. This includes that windows and doors are locked, equipment are stored safely, cash is properly secured and vehicles arc parked in safe locations.
  1. In the interest of both energy conservation and avoidance of potential fire hazards, staff should ensure that all lights and electrical equipment are properly turned of before leaving the office.
  2. Only staff with permission from the Executive Director may operate Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha vehicles. Any staff member authorized to use Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha vehicles must do so in a safe manner. Unsafe use of vehicles would include using a Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha motorcycle without a helmet, ignoring safety and security guidelines, reckless driving, or driving under the influence of alcohol.
  3. Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha vehicles shall only be used for office purposes. Personal use of Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha Vehicle is not allowed and will attract disciplinary action.
  • In case of gross negligence by an employee that leads to loss, damage of destruction of Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha property of assets (including cash), fair restitution to Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha by the employee will be necessary. Failure to comply will lead to termination without pay as a penalty. Examples of negligence would include: not making a reasonable attempt to secure assets and property; leaving doors and windows unsecured; and using assets improperly or without adequate technical knowledge.


  1. Communication

Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha shall endeavor to use the most efficient and economic means of communication, particularly for long distance to exchange of ideas.

  1. Telephone, Fax and E-mail Use

The office phones, Fax and E-mail are for official use only. Personal telephone calls, Faxes and E-mails are discouraged, when need for emergency personal use areas, call should be of short duration. Personal international calls are not allowed without the approval of ED. Trunk-calls and Faxes may be made with permission and subsequent reimbursement to office. The Admin Officer will keep records of personal uses and inform finance section to realize the bills from the salary of respective staff.

  1. Photocopier use

Official documents of less than 50 pages may be photocopied using the office photocopier. Beyond this limit, photocopying should be done from an external vendor to minimize the staff.

No staff is allowed to make personal photocopies in the office. Any staff requiring copies should hand over the documents to the Admin Assistant. She he will make the required photocopies and deliver the documents to the respective staff after making proper records in the photocopy register. Confidential documents should be treated as such.

  1. Outgoing and Incoming Mail

The Admin Officer is responsible for dispatching outgoing mail. Staff should forward letters to the Executive Director through Admin officer for approval. Then the concerned staff will make entry in the dispatch register by them and give the letter to Admin Officer for dispatch. She will place it in an appropriate sized envelope, and ensure dispatch timely. Copy of the dispatched document should be retained in the office file including all attachments. All incoming mail is registered and forwarded to the Executive Director, who indicates the stuff member responsible to handle the task at hand.

  1. Articles

It   is   mandatory lo have prior approval of the Executive for the publication of any Palli Bangla Unnayan Shohojogita Sangstha related articles.

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