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Chairman of Polli Bangla

Role and Capacity of the Chairman

AKM Lutfor Rahman serves as the Chairman of Polli Bangla Unnayan Shahojogita Shangstha (PBUSS), a thriving organization under his dynamic leadership for the past 25 years. As the key figure of the organization, he assumes the responsibility of providing updates on the overall progress and performance of the projects. Additionally, he reports the organizational activities to the Donors/Partners and relevant authorities. With a keen focus on grassroots-level implementation, he oversees project execution and diligently monitors the project staff and personnel.

In addition to the aforementioned experiences, the Chairman possesses a wealth of experience in conducting, cooperating, and participating in numerous workshops and seminars with various Local, National, and International Organizations. With a relentless dedication to the non-government development sector over the past 25 years, the Chairman has acquired ample experience to ensure the seamless execution of project activities alongside group members. As a leader in the field of development activities, the Chairman has successfully fostered strong relationships with different Government Organizations (GOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). This has solidified the Chairman’s position as a respected figure within the development community.

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