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is a non-profitable, volunteer, Non-political organization.

Recurring Fund

Polli Bangla receive funding from government agencies.

Ongoing Aid

Implement the project through the funds received by the agency.


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Calculation of the donation

We receive different ways to calculate donations, depending on the organization and the type of donation. like as: Flat donation, Recurring donation, Percentage of income, Matching donation, In-kind donation.

We receive cash, checks or mobile banking donation.

Polli Bangla provide direct assistance to individuals or families in the form of food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care, or other necessities.

We design and implement programs to address specific issues, such as providing education and training programs for disadvantaged youth, or providing aid to refugees.


Primary health care & nutrition program is been carried out in selected area among Polli Bangla working areas for preventive and curative healthy services among the under privileged rural people

Training can play important role to bring socio-economic changes. It helps people to acquire knowledge and develop skill. To get training means learning process.

Nursery farmer have been trained on nursery and at present they are doing this business successfully. More over 30000 farmer have been aware on home based fruit and timber plantation and homestead gardening.

Disable development program organization workers are launching strong motivation and technical assistance disability & development program working areas of the organization.









Fund collection


Support Us

Raise awareness and recruit more supporters.

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